Carbon Management

Climate change represents the increase on the Earth’s average surface temperature that leads to strengthen the natural greenhouse gas effect as a result of the burning of fossil fuels, land use changes, human activities such as deforestation and industrial processes and increase the greenhouse gases omitted to the atmosphere.

According to IPCC’s 2001 report if greenhouse emission trends continues like today, earth’s surface temperature is expected to increase by 1,4 to 5,8 °C.

Today, climate change is one of the most debated issues and has become one of the main factors of energy policies. In recent years, global investors and manufacturers as well as governments dealt with climate strategies within the scope of environmental responsibility and integrated climate policies with management systems and corporate strategies. The importance given to environmental issues and steps taken in this regard by individuals, organizations, companies have become very important. With increased awareness; nations, large organizations, producers, NGO’s and even individuals started to do something about the issue. Improved production processes and bold solutions have provided significant benefits and continues to do so.

Demir Energy Consulting can help corporations, businesses and individuals in achieving goals related to climate change issues like;

Carbon Footprint Calculation
Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions as a result of organizational or individual activities such as transportation, heating, electricity consumption, etc. measured in unit carbon dioxide…


Corporate Carbon Strategy Development
Carbon Strategy is a long term planning process for companies and organizations to calculate, monitor and develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

Carbon Offsetting
There are projects being developed all around the world that do not emit greenhouse gas emissions or consume the produced greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsetting is compensates greenhouse gas…