Energy in Built Environment

Energy efficiency, in the most basic sense, is the reduction of energy consumption of unit service or product while keeping the same standard of living and quality of services in buildings, and keeping production quality and quantity in industrial establishments. We help building owners, businesses and industrial enterprises produce solutions to decrease energy consumption and thus energy costs and environmental impact.

Demir Energy’s approach to projects;

  • Decreasing energy need (passive methods): Building orientations, facade design, surface heat gain/loss reductions, daylight, natural ventilation, thermal zoning, passive solar energy, appropriate insolation, measures about solar shading, design measures such as efficient lighting to reduce energy needs.
  • Renewable energy use: Using renewable energy  systems like aquifier heat/cold storage, heat pumps, solar energy, wind energy  systems to meet energy supply form sustainable sources where possible.
  • Use of energy efficient conventional systems:  Remaining energy needs to be met with energy efficient condensing boilers,  combined heat and power systems (CHP), fossil fuels.

We serve our customers with our local and  international experienced partners in the areas of;

  • Sustainable building design,
  • Feasibility studies on renewable energy  technologies,
  • Building Energy simulation,
  • Energy concept design.